In 2002 Mike and Sherry Hulsey traveled to Nicaragua to lead a mission trip for the Church where they pastored.  They were so moved by God’s Spirit working among the poor people of Nicaragua that they worked to bring over 100 members from their home church to work in Nicaragua over the next two years. The people of that congregation were so changed by the event that God moved Mike and Sherry to share the unique power of the Gospel in action by starting Voice of Hope Ministries.

The Board of Directors, then and now, is made up of unique individuals whose lives have been changed by the work in Nicaragua.  Many of the original Board members were out of that first congregation, but as Voice of Hope has grown so has the makeup and membership of the Board. The Board is made up of people from 4 different states and 9 different congregations, but they all have the same quality, their lives were changed by their experience in Nicaragua.

The work in Nicaragua grew steadily over the next few years, but in the Spring of 2011 God began to grow the work exponentially when new staff and regions of influence opened to the ministry in the United States.  Recruiting from people who had been a part of working in Nicaragua with Voice of Hope, the ministry has exploded with both growth and influence for the Kingdom throughout Nicaragua.

Sherry Hulsey was tasked with the job of creating a high impact Feeding Center program that uses resources within the country of Nicaragua to help the people see the Love of the Gospel.

Others were recruited as a Team Leaders and Developers for groups from the United States. Their combined efforts have brought 100s of new people to Nicaragua to impact that country with the Gospel and return home with a renewed vigor and focus on the Gospel as the only Hope for mankind!

Mike Hulsey was tasked with special project promotion and the use of cutting edge techniques for the enhanced growth and effectiveness of the ministry.  Kaylie Reither came on board in 2014 to help develop team readiness, promote knowledge of Voice of Hope through social media, help with the general operations of the ministry.

Voice of Hope has reached over 150,000 people with the Gospel, feeds almost 250,000 meals a year to some of the world’s most at risk children, works and develops cutting edge ministries to the people of Nicaragua, provides a dental education and dental service to more than 900 children, and has helped over 3,000 “High Impact” missionaries broaden their perception of the Church and rely more heavily on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.