Voice of Hope Ministries
PO BOX 1780
Rogers, AR 72757

Voice of Hope is a non-profit organization that works to impact the country of Nicaragua in a positive way. Our mission would not be possible without the generosity of those that give. If you feel led to support the Voice of Hope family and help us make a positive difference in the hearts of people across Nicaragua, we would greatly appreciate it.

Below is a list of items that our ministry would like to have to do our job better.  As a ministry we try to do everything as efficient as possible.  But there are some items that we would be grateful if we received that would make our job easier, more comfortable to the teams that come, and help prepare us for the future.  Often times we are asked, “what can I do financially to make a difference.”


NEW PROPERTY – $50,000


24 PASSENGER VAN – $35,000

CAR – $10,000


HOUSE – $3,000

PIZZA OVENS – $2,800

GENERATOR – $2,200



GRILL – $500


BIBLES – $216

WASHER & DRYER – $1,122


None of these items are things we have to have tomorrow, but all of them would be great tools to accomplish our mission.  You may not be able to afford  $50,000 and all you can afford is a 100 boxes of life changing bibles as they are read by the people of Nicaragua.  Pray about what God has blessed you with and how you can make a difference in the effectiveness in our ministry.  If you feel led to meet one of these needs contact our leader the week you are in Nicaragua or message me and we’ll get this done.  We don’t expect this board to stay the same all year  and we’ll rejoice with you as each piece is purchased.  So pray about your part.

Voice of Hope Ministries is a 501 (C) (3) Non profit organization.