The feeding centers placed by Voice of Hope in these communities exist to serve fresh meals to over a thousand of local children. These centers are currently placed throughout Leon, but our vision is to have them throughout all of Nicaragua and eventually Central America. The meals that are prepared there are made fresh daily by staff members and local volunteers within each community. We also have churches planted at the feeding centers with a pastor who is also on staff with the ministry. The children who are taken care of through our feeding centers are not only getting fed physically, but are also having the opportunity to be introduced to the Bread of Life as well. All of these efforts are providing an alternative to these families wondering where, or even when, their next meal will be. These nutritious meals are served Monday through Friday from 11:30 AM until 1:30 PM.


  • It costs $45 to give a child a healthy meal for an entire year.
  • $800 will sponsor a feeding center for an entire month.
  • $9,600 will sponsor a feeding center for an entire year.