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While Voice of Hope Ministry is based out of León, Nicaragua, we also operate and support a foster home in Choluteca, Honduras. House of Hope is about 3 1/2 hours from the team mission house. There are currently 6 children living in the house, although there have been as many as 8 in the past. House of Hope rescues children from a life of exploitation, malnutrition, disease, and poverty. Many of these kids would be living on the street tonight if it were not for the ministry of House of Hope.


Bo Lopez, who works for Voice of Hope, is the Executive Director of House of Hope.

Known as “Papi” to the children, he acts as father and provider to each of them. Bo is originally from Nicaragua, but has made sacrifices to come to Honduras and be a father to these children. He makes sure that they are spiritually accounted for as well as fed, well clothed, loved on, and attending school.


Mary Watson, Missionary for Voice of Hope, has also spent a lot of time in Choluteca tending to the kids needs. She encourages, guides, and loves on these children through the trials and obstacles of life. If it were not for people like Bo and Mary, Voice of Hope would not be where they are today.

Names of the children: Alejandro, Michael, Richard, Cynthia, Leonardo, and Yancy.

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Voice of Hope would like to ask you to help support our House of Hope in Honduras.


You can help in many ways: 

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PRAYER: We ask that you pray for our HOME as it is not immune to the spiritual warfare that goes on in this world.

GIVING: It takes a lot to support our House. As most of you know, it takes a great deal to meet the expenses of raising children. If you would like to help Voice of Hope financially, we would greatly appreciate it!

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